EXPO: WAEC Civic Education Questions and Answers 2021/2022

Waec civic training questions and answers: this waec 2021 civic education expo query and answer is loose for all candidates writing this yr assessment. In case you are among those writing the 2021 waec examination, experience free to count on a free solution here. It encourages residents to play a beneficial part in the lives of their neighborhoods, communities, and the wider world inter-communal dating is a court which exists among two or more groups. They relate to make contributions to the nonviolent and harmonious development of the society/groups and convey humans of the numerous communities together. It is the roadmap to peace and right neighborliness: inter-communal courting has always been a device for making sure peace amongst groups and cities relationship lower back to lots of years. This possibly gives an explanation for why kings of neighboring communities the one’s times encouraged inter-marriage amongst their subjects, whilst kings exchange their daughters to each other as wives. It complements protection of lives and belongings: concord of excellent inter-communal relationships allow for the formation of security clothing by the groups themselves to supplement the government’s regulation enforcement agents.

Inter-communal courting promotes trade among a few of the network dwellers: there is the encouragement of specialization in view that buying and selling of goods and commodities are endorsed among the people. Joint market venues are evolved even as in rural and semi-city communities the roads main to such joint markets are maintained via all the community dwellers, 2021 Waec questions and answers wherein vital makeshift bridges are built to hyperlink up groups.

The concern of God is the beginning of knowledge; efforts have to be made at home, peers, and the entire network to inculcate the concern of god into youths encourage your neighborhood colleges or faculty district to encompass human trafficking in their curricula and to increase protocols for identifying and reporting a suspected case of human trafficking or responding to a capacity sufferer. Come to be a mentor to a young character or a person in need. In different words be well-informed. Set up an internet alert to get hold of modern human trafficking information. Turn out to be familiar with public cognizance substances to be had from the branch of health and human services or the department of fatherland safety.